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Welcome to Project Ashenfire. This is a home for community bloggers, modders & start up businesses.

The main point of this site is to showcase my work & the work of the community.

I like to find code and make it work for my purposes, so I am starting with my TESV (The Elder Scrolls V) project.

I hope to expand that to web design. Since this is the third site that I am working on.



16.2 lts upgraded.  Sorry for the down time.  Very hard to get help in a reasonable time.



Feb 10, 2017

Tiki Wiki 15.2 LTS upgraded.

Feel free to collaborate on this site with scheduling, calendars, open chat.



Oct 18, 2016

Share with the world or just members at ProjectAshenfire.

Share all pictures with a gallery of your making.

Upload your documents from work or school to your personal folder.

Upload files to be worked on my staff or other members.

Modshare is on line.



Sep 17, 2016

Only 297 more social media sites to figure out.



Jul 22, 2016

Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 24 July.

  1. Edmund Halley enters Queen's College Oxford as an undergraduate.
  2. French make 1st landing at site of Detroit.
  3. Great Britain takes Gibralter from Spain
  4. Mormon leader Brigham Young & followers arrive at Salt Lake City Ut
  5. Martin Van Buren 8th pres dies in Kinderhook N.Y.
  6. Tennessee becomes 1st Confederate state readmitted to Union.
  7. Scopes guilty of teaching evolution in a Tn HS fined $100 & costs
  8. Pres Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounced war
  9. Alabama drops charges against 5 blacks accused of rape in Scottsboro
  10. US detonates atomic bomb at Bikini Atoll
  11. Pres Truman announced a settlement in a 53-day steel strike.
  12. VP Nixon argued with Khrushchev known as the `Kitchen Debate'
  13. Charles de Gaulle says 'Vive le Quebec libre! Long live free Quebec!'
  14. Apollo 11 returns to Earth
  15. Apollo 18 returns to Earth
  16. Billy Martin resigns as Yankee manager after 'the one is a born liar the other a convicted one' comment about Steinbrenner & Jackson


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