Terms of Agreement
You must agree to the terms by clicking on 'agree' during registration;
if you want to be a member.
Please read the rules below the Terms Of Agreement.
It is based on an initial investment, hoping to take in donations to keep the project running.
The only cost so far, is the yearly domain name renewal and the 2 year hosting plan.
We can do free ecommerce as well.
We take donations via Paypal© and will use Tomato Cart© in the future.
You agree to not upload illegal content to our site.
You agree to not charge a fee or provide a method of obtaining lewd or outright illicit
material of children. This includes links to any site that contains this material.
You agree not to provide porn banners, ads, links to any members regardless if you
have a domain assigned by us.
You agree not to upload copyright material or password lists utilized by consumers
of any web site. Selling or buying this information is not allowed on this site.
We utilize a SHARED user method to provide webhosting and the system will be
slower with more people accessing it. We are not commercial grade. You agree
not to upload personal files to our server as part of your 20Gb backup drive.
We will provide email and private messaging to allow time for users to back up their
content before we migrate. We are not responsible for lost content if users fail to back up.
We believe members who become 'partners' are allowed adult themes on their site.
Sharing nude content is frowned upon, however will be tolerated as long as it is not
for profit the event of nudity, sex chat, or gambling (where legal): disclaimers must
be made before a person can see the adult content. Protecting parents and their children
from this content is vital so no unconsented purchases are made. Partners with adult
content won't be advertised on all of our community boards but they will still be
advertised by us. We are not responsible for whatever their content holds.
You agree we are not responsible for 'policing' material on any partner site.
They can do their own thing. If hate material or other objectionable materials are
on a partner website; we will not know until they are reported. We will then reply
to the person who is complaining, whether or not that we agree, and what action we
have taken.
Partners: You agree to all terms and conditions set by our hosting provider: webhosting.com.
Site rules
Please respect all questions people ask in any venue, not limited to forums and chat.
Asking questions gets difficult when the new modder doesn't know how to form
the question or can not reflect the question in the same language you speak.
If you ask questions in the forums and then find the answer, please help by
replying to or editing your own post and post your follow up answer.

Modding requires respect and seriousness to the 'craft' and
I am asking everyone to be helpful to each other and always be nice.
Blatant disrespect could get a person banned for a few hours up to
life depending on what is going on.

When asking for help, please do not flood the chat or the forums with the same question.
People might not know your answer or are busy with real life, another project,etc.

Please keep a positive attitude and help others want to help you by being understanding.
If an answer is not presented within a few days, the forum topic will be left open just
in case someone finds it later and can still answer the question. It won't help the
person who asked, but it can help the next person.

Please do no use the COMMUNITY EVENTS calendar or people advertisement as a way to date people.
Please do not violate their comments sections or mine, with lewd comments. That is a version
of 'trolling' and 'stalking' which will be a permanent ban.
Any usage of the site to berate, bully, or attack others because of their race, creed, skin color, sex,
gender, religion, age, or size will not be tolerated.

Please do not demean women by referring to them as female dogs or as slang for her sex organs. Same for guys, no need to refer to their sex organs to describe them either.
Be nice, forceful, thoughtful, straightforward without demeaning members.
Cursing degrades the value of this site and the topics people are sharing. It has no value in modding or in sharing and is discouraged.

If the moderators find that one person is purposely cursing just to fill the forums, chats, blogs with trash, they will warn that person to remove the excessive material and ban the person if it continues.

Society needs cooperation. People with children will be using this site.
We are trying to accommodate for those people. Certain rooms will be adults only and will be like a 'speak easy'.
Any pirated material shared with community will be erased. Violators will be banned for a month. Second violation is a ban for life.

The reason is to be flexible in case a user made a mistake and did not know, the second time is to save our site. We just don't need the troubles.

Sometimes there are disputes over material and that can not be moderated by this staff. On such event, we will probably use Nexus & Steam to help moderate.
Advertising without becoming a member has been restricted. Members might want to do 'penny ads' on their site and are free to do so, as long as it does not cripple the main site's ability to perform.

Advertising can be done as long as the members involved agree to the ads and are not tricked or forced into it.
Any advertising that 'worms' or uses virus tricks is not allowed and the member will be banned. This also means not tricking a users' browser to trust the ad site so it can put 'dirty cookies' on the users computer to share information not necessary for the ad to function.

No advertising of any porn sites; through the use of penny ads, banners, partnering, or email.

Clear advertising is important. Sometimes we feel that we expressed what was necessary to advertise and are stumped when someone says it is not clear.

Please make the attempt to advertise professionally. Please do not make claims you can not keep.

If we find you purposely are selling bogus items, we will post to the community why we dropped you from membership (yes banned you).
Domain Upgrades-Slow Traffic
We are not commercial grade, if you believe you are getting 1000 customers a day, you might want to warn us and see if we can upgrade our hardware, otherwise, consider getting yourself a new hosting site. You earned it!
General Courtesy
Maybe you are smarter than the average physicist. Maybe you know topics that only Einstein knew. Please do not use this as an excuse to treat other people unfairly or rudely. Smart & nice people are encouraged to be a member. Just don't ruin the atmosphere that community has built.
Sponsoring the community and it's work