We abide by the privacy policies of our hosting provider WEBHOSTING.COM.
Privacy means everything to us. We are against sharing or selling information of members.
Any proof that something of that nature is going on, needs to be sent to our staff.

If we can sue or get the law to help us stop it, we will do it.
We backup the site, including email and store the information on an encrypted drive.

Email goes through the hosting domain first, then we get access to it. Please use encryption to keep messages safe.

We treat email as if it was a post office box or a mailbox in front of your house.

This means we think it should be a felony if someone pries into your email using hackware, viruses, etc.

Sites don't treat it as a felony and your email is not particularly guarded by any hosting domain, including ours.

We rely on their discretion to use proper techniques and proper software to protect us all.
Site Messaging:

Messages composed by members on any part of our site will not be disclosed to any member for any reason.

Asking youngsters on our site for their contact information is a red flag and we will work with parents and authorities
to make sure that they are not being preyed on.

We might make a mistake and remove innocent content and would like to apologize in advance, if that happens.

We will never ask for medical information nor will we disclose it if we come across the information. We won't
confirm nor deny information that might be asked of us, such as: 'Do you have a client named 'x'? '

Membership is required for those people too and they will have access to the same information that the community decides to share.
Sponsoring the community and it's work