Project Ashenfire is designed to help upstart "ideas" or businesses to show off their work.

The idea is to create a subdomain, then we will develop the pages for an upstart business or organization.

It is based on an initial investment, hoping to take in donations to keep the project running.

The only cost so far, is the yearly domain name renewal and the 2 year hosting plan.

We can do free ecommerce as well.

We take donations via Paypal© and will use Tomato Cart© in the future.

1 . Read the rules in the forums.

2. Browse to []. If you see the HOUSE icon at the top of the page you can use that as well. This is the MAIN registeration site.

3. Click on Register option at the top of the page.

4. If you agree with the rules then click on the agreement button 'yes' to continue.

5. Fill out the form. Few items are mandatory. Please give accurate information if you plan to be sharing with the community.
We need a way to get a hold of you for business purposes.

6. We assume you want to use the very same username for our TIKI groupware and will register you on that site as well. Please provide the password you want us to register you with; inside the registration form.

7. We will confirm the registry within 48 business hours. Registry is generally confirmed by one person, please be patient.

Sponsoring the community and it's work